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My Story

Hans Christian Thisen

Hello, I’m Hans Christian Thisen, and I have set out on a mission to empower people through engaging product creation.

It may seem a little fluffy, but what I ultimately want is that you:

One – Get to know yourself and your capabilities better through physical product creation.

Two – Create products that contain memories and meaning for you as a person.


I hold a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design, so I do have some knowledge in the field of creating things. But when I graduated, I actually didn’t know what I was capable of in terms of making personal products with my own hands.

I learned to design through CAD programs, get quotes from sub-suppliers and have teams create LEAN assembly processes.

Of course, I did mock-ups and models, but I never really focused on creating personal furniture or products in the physical world (my garage).

A couple of years after I graduated, me and my wife bought our first house. Exciting and chaotic times.

We found ourselves needing a new dining table, and since furnishing a whole house isn’t exactly cheap, I said:

“I am pretty sure I can build a wood slab table for less than a quarter of the retail price”


Even without any knowledge about purchasing wood slabs, the dynamics of moisture in wood or wood finishing, I made it.

I created a 35×100 inch large wood slab table from two slabs of 2-inch thick oak wood.


Believe it or not, I have gotten more encouraging and personal comments on that one piece of furniture, than any other item I have designed through my career.

Not that the other stuff I have designed isn’t amazing 🙂 but they are not as personal as this table is.

And the best thing about it is that I genuinely enjoy my table every day.


How many items in your life can you think of that you enjoy every day? Not just use daily, but truly enjoy every day.


What I have come to realize through the recent years, is that enjoyment and fulfillment isn’t something you can buy. It is something you create.

In my case, it is to create things in the physical world that I actually need, want and ultimately enjoy.


Okay, now you might be thinking:

“But how can you and this nice-sounding pocket philosophy help Me?”


(this is the future of what I am building, and I will upload content on a regular basis through 2020. So Stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter if you are interested)

I will be making interactive product creators and comprehensive guides from which you can download everything. I design the product’s framework, aesthetics, and producibility.

It is then your job to customize it, by simple pulling sliders, download the files and material, and produce it however you see fit.

I want you to engage in the creation of your own products.


So even if you just customize, and send all the files to a professional carpenter, you have still engaged in the creation process.

You can also customize, download and create everything yourself. It is up to you.

This is not a point and buy store, it requires engagement.


If you embark on this adventure you can expect that you will feel inspired, be more fulfilled and get products that you ultimately love.

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